Insurance Claims

Standing Up For Your Legal Rights

Policyholders who become embroiled in a dispute with their insurers are often frustrated, at a time when they are already vulnerable due to injury or property loss. Many are unaware that they have legal options when insurers deny claims, cease benefits or pay out less than was anticipated. Insured people do not have to simply accept what the company tells them.

A significant part of our civil litigation practice at Ajax's Polak McKay & Hawkshaw is insurance claims. Our lawyers assist people whose good faith payment of premiums has been rewarded with less than favourable treatment from an insurance company. If you are facing resistance from your insurance company, we may be able to help.

Policy Dispute Representation

People purchase insurance to have peace of mind that, when the time comes, they will have the financial support they need. When that does not manifest, it can be emotionally strenuous and financially devastating. At our firm, we handle a wide range of insurance claims for commercial policyholders and individuals, including:

  • Home insurance claims
  • Property insurance claims
  • Water damage claims
  • Environmental damage claims
  • Tenants insurance claims
  • Fire damage claims
  • Long-term disability claims
  • Extended health coverage claims

Insurance contracts are subject to a certain kind of analysis in Ontario law. When advising clients on their options, we draw upon our experience with insurance litigation and our knowledge of this unique legal regime. When you retain our firm, you will know where you stand and what your options are.

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