Incorporation And Business Structure

Each business has a unique story of growth and development, and although it may be the right time to incorporate, legal and financial factors might lead an owner in a different direction. At Polak McKay & Hawkshaw, we advise you on whether incorporation is the right legal structure for your business.

Our business lawyers in Ajax provide the kind of individualized service clients deserve, including advice specific to their needs. Our counsel can advise on the process of forming a corporation in Ontario, and federally if appropriate, and proceed to create the legal structure.

Legal Advice For Incorporation

Savvy business owners will seek legal guidance before proceeding to incorporate so they have a complete understanding of the effect incorporation will have on the business. Incorporation comes with certain advantages, such as tax benefits and shielding the owner from personal liability. However, it also comes with certain drawbacks that a lawyer can discuss in more detail.

We will answer your questions about all aspects of legal structure and incorporation, including how the business can issue shares and how dividends are paid, and we draft shareholder agreements. If you choose another legal structure, such as a partnership, we similarly execute the legal tools necessary to make that structure a reality.

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