Purchasing Or Selling A Business?

At Polak McKay & Hawkshaw in Ajax, we represent individuals who want to buy or sell a business in Ontario. Beyond the transactional aspects of the deal, our lawyers thoroughly investigate the business that is the subject of the agreement and the status of the owner and the proposed buyer. The result is an efficient transfer of the enterprise from one party to another.

Due Diligence Of Our Lawyers

Whether a business is a partnership, a corporation with shareholders, a sole proprietorship, or another entity, it will affect not only how the sale proceeds, but also the nature of your ongoing responsibilities as well as the procedures for the sale. If you want to purchase a business, we will do due diligence to establish ownership of the business and its legal structure.

Business Succession

If you are interested in business succession, in other words selling your business, we can help you conclude the transaction, while remaining cognizant of your legal interests. We can assist you in the early stages of succession planning or if you have a seller or buyer in mind.

Regardless of which party you are, we establish the subject of the purchase (i.e., the business assets or the company as a whole) and advise on any unique contractual agreements. For example, the purchase of a franchise has a unique set of legal issues. Preparing purchase and sale agreements are best done by a commercial lawyer.

Contact Us

To speak with a business lawyer in Durham Region about buying or selling a business, get in touch for a consultation. Please call us at 289-460-1506 or 800-787-1801 toll free, or contact us online.