Residential And Condo Real Estate Transactions

Moving into or out of a home can be a stressful experience. You don't need the added frustrations of delays or disputes that can develop before the closing date.

At Polak McKay & Hawkshaw, we help you alleviate the stress of moving by looking after the legal aspects of the sale for you. With our office based in Ajax, Ontario, we offer the Durham Region community over 65 years of comprehensive real estate knowledge and experience resolving residential real estate issues.

Condominium Concerns

Items such as a status certificate, parking units and lockers are specific to condo sales. It's essential that when making a purchase, you understand what comes with the unit and your rights and privileges within the condominium.

When purchasing a new build condo from a developer, we ensure you understand your legal rights when buying for personal use versus buying as an investment. We help you navigate the purchase from its initial signing to its completion, reducing the potential for legal disputes or uncertainty.

Mortgages And Taxes

Throughout our years of practice, financial security has proven to be a major concern amongst clients. We work with banks and lending institutions and perform the legal side of the transactions. We help you unpack the complexities of the mortgage, such as consolidating debt or refinancing.

Communication is essential when it comes to creating a payment plan that works for you. Whether it's speaking with a broker, lending institution, or reviewing the mortgage agreement, Polak McKay & Hawkshaw can help you decipher complex details and address any concerns that you have.

Ask Us Questions Any Time

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