Probate And Estate Administration

Following the passing of a loved one, there are required legal steps to deal with the estate. It's essential to determine if the deceased passed with a will or intestate (without a will). In either circumstance, the many details and processes involved may be stressful, time-consuming and burdensome as you mentally process the loss of a life.

The probate lawyers and staff at Polak McKay & Hawkshaw are here to alleviate that stress. Since the 1950s, our people have been an integral part of the Ajax community, and we have guided many family members through the estate administration process in Ontario.

Comprehensive Assistance

Our lawyers are hands-on, experienced practitioners upon whom you can rely to make the process as expedient and stress-free as possible. The services we provide include:

  • Obtaining a certificate of appointment with a will. This gives the estate trustee ("executor") named in a will the authority to administer the will.
  • Intestate succession, also known as obtaining certificate of appointment of estate trustee without a will. This gives an applicant (usually the next-of-kin) the ability to manage estate assets for a person who died without a will.
  • Preparing an accounting of estate assets
  • Contacting beneficiaries and distributing assets
  • Preparing documents releasing estate trustees of potential liability
  • Closing of bank accounts and cancelling subscriptions
  • Direction regarding potential tax obligations or consequences to be handled by an estate trustee
  • Preparation and filing of the estate information return

Estate Disputes

In some cases, a beneficiary may challenge the will. Estate disputes such as these are often difficult for families, as they involve conflict between relatives and often question what the deceased really wanted. Our estate lawyers at Polak McKay & Hawkshaw have experience with estate litigation and we can represent your interests on either side of a will dispute.

Contact Us

Many estate administration and probate issues are time-sensitive. To learn about our services, call us today to arrange a consultation. In Ajax, our number is 289-460-1506. You can also call toll free 800-787-1801 or contact us online.